Great for Bachelorette Parties! Personalize anything you can iron on to with this custom cut Maid of Honor Iron on Heat Transfer Vinyl. The word can be any color you choose from available vinyl pictured above.

Dimensions: 11" wide x 6" tall

This decal is made with high quality, vinyl. Iron ons best adhere to 100% cotton clothing. Please make sure you wash item before ironing. Instructions will be included.


Thank you for stopping by JenO Designs! I do accept custom order requests.

Maid of Honor - Iron On

Vinyl Type
  • Be sure you are applying iron-on material to a clean garment or item.
    Pre-wash the item before application. Many companies treat clothes with chemicals that make the colors look more vibrant on display in stores. These chemicals need to be removed before applying iron-on. Avoid using fabric softener when pre-washing materials. Pre-washing the item before application will also eliminate any shrinking that may occur.


    Set your iron to the Cotton/Linen setting (generally the highest temperature setting). Make sure the steam setting is OFF for steam irons. Use the iron to preheat the area of the material in which you will be applying the cut image for 10-15 seconds. Peel off the light pink striped plastic backing. 


    Single Image: Place the image (read right), liner side up, onto the preheated material. Apply medium pressure with the iron for 25-30 seconds.


    Multiple Layers Image: Iron each layer separate with medium pressure for 15 seconds. Once all layers are added, then medium pressure for 25 seconds. 


    Flip the material over and apply medium pressure with the iron to the back of the material for an additional 25-30 seconds. 


    Let cool 1-2 minutes. Remove lining film.


    Application Tips

    • Ironing boards with light cushioning are recommended (a firm surface is recommended over significant padding for best results). 
    • Iron with a press cloth, piece of cotton fabric (such as a dishtowel), or parchment paper over liner side of the material to protect it from the heat of the iron.
    • If a portion of the image isn't sticking, replace the liner over the film and re-iron the piece with the iron tip for 10 seconds, moving it back and forth with firm pressure directly over loose edges. 
    • For steam irons, turn the steam setting OFF when applying Iron-on.
    • DO NOT Wash for 24 hours. For longest life, wash and dry the embellished item inside-out. 
    • If there are areas of the Iron-on material which seem to be coming off after being washed, simply re-iron the material in place following the complete application instructions.



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